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In a tough industry like construction you can only truly succeed if you have a commitment to quality systems and processes. We believe it's our approach that has kept us busy taking care of the Manawatu construction needs for over 35 years.

We look forward to being able to provide you with an efficient, fair and reliable service that is great value for money

Project Management

We believe an indication of the effectiveness of our management systems and procedures can be given from the depth of experience in our management team, the breadth of projects we have successfully completed, and the awards we have won as a result.

As our staff are directly employed, there is a strong accountability in the concrete/carpentry and related works. The systems we have in place provide for plenty of overlap (supervision) leaving little room for errors and omissions to occur. Emphasis is put on communication being a key ingredient. Management who know their role and are adaptable, completes the picture.

Post tender at a meeting between client, consultant and main contractor. We propose a program for the work, taking into account the needs and requirements of the client, timeframes and materials or subcontract item supply. This computer-generated program is prepared by our contract manager and our site foreman for the contract. Ownership of decisions is important in our approach to all of our contracts.

Prior to any work on site and awarding of contracts to subcontractors, we conduct pre-letting meetings with the major subcontractors. In these meetings we will discuss the program that has been produced for the contract. We will make sure that the subcontractor chosen, has the capacity to deliver the work required in the contract. At these pre-letting meetings it is imperative that out subcontractors "buy into" the project. This ownership ensures high quality workmanship delivered on time.

On commencement of work, Colspec has a Site Manager and/or Foreman on site at all times, who works closely with his team and is responsible for purchasing materials for the site and co-coordinating the subcontractors. The Site Managers supervise our Foremen and are under the wing of our Technical Manager, Steve Hirst.

Each project is managed in the office by one of the Quantity Surveying (QS) Team, which is overseen by Hamish O'Brien. The QS team provide programming, variations costings, contract queries and payments to ensure the job runs smoothly. Regular site visits are conducted by the office QS team to ensure the projects are on track. This also keeps the level of communication up between the site staff and the office.

Almost all of the job instructions and job queries are dealt with via email to ensure the issues are dealt with as quickly as possible. All instructions and queries made are duplicated to all parties (site, office, consultant and client) to assist in addressing the matters/challenges at hand promptly.

Office staff dedicated to providing the necessary information required to run the business, monitor all purchases, wages, overheads and accounting work complete the team.

Communication is also important in our business. With construction services and products becoming more technologically advanced, we see it as being of prime importance to be up to date with all technologies impacting on our business. One example of this can be seen in our implementation of a system which allows for Site Managers working on larger sites to be linked to our central server, making the flow of information faster and more efficient. Queries can be answered much faster, with scanned copies of original documents on hand via this network when and as needed. Each of our 4 Site Managers has a laptop on site, with access to WiFi network anywhere in the country.

On site vehicles are available at all times. The carpenters are all waged and employed directly by Colspec. This provides the company with control necessary in relation to personnel. All site crew are trades people apart from the apprentices in training. Colspec Construction is a practical, efficient and focused business committed to its clients and staff, providing value with vision.

Health & Safety Plan and Policy

Colspec Construction has a thorough, regularly reviewed Health & Safety manual that is seen as a live document.

Regular site safety meetings are conducted on site weekly, which are checked by the safety supervisor. Daily start up meetings are also undertaken on all sites.

Colspec Construction has assisted Department of Labour (DoL) and a group of companies to establish models and benchmarks for the development of suitable H&S policies. Our H&S record is excellent and we enjoy a very good working relationship with the Worksafe. Colspec Construction is also a member of Site Safe.

Quality Management Systems

Colspec Construction Ltd. Operates a Quality Management System (QMS) that is equivalent to those implemented by local body building inspectors. Within the framework of the QMS are the procedures necessary to effectively control all aspects of the construction process, with checks in place and signed off at all pivotal stages of construction. This is inclusive of a final check undertaken by at least two people to ensure that no details are overlooked.

Sustainability Policies

Colspec Construction has been involved in a pilot scheme lead by the PNCC to investigate the sustainability and management of construction and demolition waste. From this we have learned the value of careful use of renewable resources, selection of local products and recycling wherever possible. We actively encourage our subcontractors and suppliers to adopt this philosophy both on and off site.

On every project we provide recycling facilities for cardboard/paper, plastics and metal. We aim to reuse and recycle the majority of building products used on site. On each project a Construction Environment Management Plan is enforced to monitor and reduce the amount of waste exiting site.

Security Policy

Colspec Construction has worked with a wide range of customers, including the Department of Corrections and the New Zealand Defence Force, each with a variety of security needs. As such, we have developed and implemented a wide-ranging Security Policy to ensure the safety and welfare of staff, clients, and subcontractors, the protection of Company and client property and information are not compromised.

We employ a security policy on protection of confidential Information, and employees confidentiality deed, which all employees sign in their contract. 

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