Recent Project - Colspec and the Manawatu Community Rugby House

Colspec and the Manawatu Community Rugby House

Colspec Construction Limited was proud to be involved with the construction of the new Manawatu Community Rugby House (MCRH). The MCRH was constructed to raise money for the development of community rugby in the Manawatu.

The Rugby House was constructed by a large group of local (and some national) companies, individuals and members of the public, who donated labour resources, building materials, general appliances and household fittings to the build.

The total combined number of volunteers equates to over two hundred people. To bring together all of these different volunteer groups and organisations takes a huge amount of time and co-ordination. 

This is where Colspec comes in. We have generously donated our expertise to the project, with the driving force of Shane O'Brien (Director of Colspec Construction), John Cruden and Dan Giles (Project Managers) managing the entire construction process of the new house from start to finish.

This was a huge undertaking with the large number of volunteers required to complete a project of this size. The combined efforts of Colspec along with all the generous donations of time and materials by all involved are what made this project the success that it was.